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○se scan the QR C○ode to follow〓 us on WechatPekin■g University's new e〓lectronic games c◆lass popular with● studentsPekin●g University's?/p>

?new electr●onic games cla〓ss

popular with

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nly ◆down the middle ■over the last few ●days

s■tudentsPeking◆ Universit◆y's new electron○ic games class● popular with ●students03-23-2018◆ 19:46 BJTPeking Un〓iversity op〓ened a new co●urse on electronic●

.Kobe ○is wrapping
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nthusiasm amid ○the fast-developin■g game industr○y in China, Beijin●g News report■ed.The optional 〓course General Th○eory of Electroni

l c●ampaign in■ LA

as the L●akers

c G●ames, which is open○ to all stu〓dents, was ●designed to acco〓mmodate 120 stude●nts but

host the Ut

attr○acted about 200 fo◆r the first two ○lessons."The○ course does not ■teach studen●ts h

ah ◆Jazz. The fiv

ow to play e●lectronic games,● but to stud◆y issues relate◆d to electro●nic games, ●includ

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ing rese●arch and developme●nt, technology,〓 the indus●try, public●ity, and p

layers' 〓psychological p○roblems," said Chen ●Jiang, the course○ instructor and ■deputy prof■essor of the ●School of El●ectronic Engine◆ering & ○Computer Science.Ch■en wants the ■course content ■to have variety.Apar○t from his own le■ctures, he in●vited guests to tal●k to students, inclu●ding a team wit■h firsthand expe●rience in d◆eveloping g○ames, an alumna who● created her own〓 game, and a psychol●ogy teacher who coul◆d discuss the■ social and psyc■hological probl●ems caused 〓by games.Some stud〓ents even have t◆he opportunity t◆o attend electro○nic sports competi○tions for close◆ observatio○n.According to the ○2017 China Game● Industry ■Development〓 Report, the〓 annual

"■e-time is available for the ridiculously low, one-time cost of NBA c That's right, I'm practically giving it away!”


revenue for ■the industry ha〓s reached 2◆19 billion yuan■ ($34.6 billion), c■atching up with th■e US, the world le●ader that year at 〓$36 billion.Though ●the industry i◆s a great contribu●tor to GDP a○nd employment, pla○

hampion 〓

Our and 18

team member

-time Al■l-Star is t?/h3>

ying electroni◆c games is still se◆en by

many as an i◆nappropriate past■ime, especially f●or student●s.The cours●e is not meant t◆o challenge trad■itional thi〓nking, sa

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go ou●t with one las?/h3>

id C◆hen. "I lik●e playing g●ames, but

I deep〓ly understand ■the problems tha●t games have ca〓used."Chen predi◆cted many st〓udents will be○ involved in●to the game〓 i

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t his te●am's opponen

ndustry either■ through employment● or i

nvest〓ment, as th◆e industry may ◆develop into a○ backbone of the◆ entertain〓ment indust◆ry before long.A r■eport from t■he Wal

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Collect from /

to spoil〓

l Street J〓ournal reveals t○hat almost all■ Chinese people hav○e mobile phones

portfolio item image fs by■ winning this gam●

■ and one-third of● phone users are gam〓e players."In 20◆ year

portfolio item image e, but Houston gra〓bbed t

s, Chinese peo○ple of all● ages have pl●ayed electronic g○ames

portfolio item image he bid inste■ad, by defea

and the de●velopment of the◆ industry will aff■ect many people

portfolio item image 鰁 while ago●.Meanwhile●

orce policie■s. It matters how th●ey think and■ lead the i◆ndu

portfolio item image , the Warriors c●an break

stry's de●velopment.""I have ○a sense of mission. 〓I want mor◆

portfolio item image the 20-y〓ear-old rec●or

e students know wh〓at electronic g○ames are --■ the benefits an

portfolio item image d of 72 regular se〓ason v

d● problems," he ○said.In res◆ponse to w■idespread ■criticism

slide image

ictories,■ if they be

of ■electronic g■ames l

urin◆g adolescents〓 into addic

tion,● Chen believes the ◆government, game■ companies and pare●nts should work● together to change■ the situati〓on."In the future, t○he government 〓can order biolog■ical detecto●rs to be inst●alled on a■ll games, ◆to identify w◆hether the player■ is an adolescen■t through ◆fingerprints and◆ irises," Chen● said.Also,■ game companie■s should hav?/p> a〓t the Memph

is Griz◆z

馿 moral standa○rds when developing ○games and pare◆nts should not s●imply use

lies in thei●r

games ■to comfort a cr■ying child.He also s○uggested h●aving the governmen◆t collect 〓a t


ax base●d on the time a p○layer spends on a ●game. "Playing c●onsumes nati〓onal produc■tiv

e sca◆n the QR Co

ity," said Che■n. "Game companies e●arn profit〓s from games but◆ also have t○o pay for the

de◆ to follow u

produ■ctivity consume◆d in playing ga■mes."Chen's cour〓se on electronic ■games is not an in

s ●on Insta

n●ovation. In 2016, th■e Ministry of E〓ducation authori〓zed 13 new discip〓lines and "el◆ec

gramPl◆ease scan

tronic spo◆rts and ma〓nagement" w●as one of them.I■n the same ye○ar, a higher vo●cational

the ○

coll〓ege in Inne〓r Mongolia au●tonomous region open〓ed a course on elec○troni

c sports●, the first ■of i

ts kind in the● count

ry.In 2017, t●he Communicat○ion University of○ China se

t up a ○major for ○D

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igital Media 〓& Arts〓 (oriented ○in digital enter〓tainment), whic●h focuses on t○he planning and oper●ation of digi◆tal games.Pl〓ease scan the QR C●ode to follow○ us on Instagr●amPlease scan the QR● Code to follow〓 us on WechatSq●uirrels take p■art in mini○ature Game of T○hronesMore gal●leriesSquirre●ls take part in ●miniature Game o●f ThronesPlease sc■an the QR Code ○to follow u●s

It is the?/a>

on InstagramPl■ease scan th

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?final day of■ the NBA reg○ular

Popovich said on● Monday that All◆-Star forward ●Kawhi Leonard wi■ll not play■ in Game two of th〓e 2017 Western◆ Conferenc●e fina

ls aga●inst the Golden Stat

blog post image

The s◆chedule is packed ◆with 1

ut ■for Spurs' Game two ■against Warriors0■5-16-2017 11:23 ◆BJTWASHINGTON, Ma●y 15 (Xinhua) -- 〓San Antonio Sp●urs head coach● Gre

gg Popovich sa〓id on Monday

blog post image

s, the fi◆rst 10 of which ar●e e

Conferenc○e finals agains〓t the Golde■n State Warrior■s."He's in an MRI ri◆ght now. We'll● see. We'll see○ what the MRI says◆. Bu

t, obvio〓usly, he won't p〓

blog post image

● the fourth qu○arter or j●ust

n Antonio's se●cond-round seri■es against t◆he Houston ○Rockets and mi○ssed the dec●iding Game 6. And■ he hurt the left a○nkle aga

u●p. But

ast game, Gold

recent post image

en S●tate seeking 73○

in afte◆r landing on t〓he foot of Warriors ◆center Zaza Pachu●lia while shooti○ng with just under● eight minutes l

recent post image

winsNBA: Bryant〓 playin

ef●t in the third qua〓rter of Sund◆ay's Game 1 aga■inst the Warriors.●After Leon●ard left the gam■e, the Warrio●

recent post image

g in last ga●me, Golden

rs cut the bi●g 25-point d〓eficit by ■surging an 18-0 r●un to overtake ●the Spurs in the fou○rth quarter ■with a

Stat〓e seeki

ng ●73 wi

113-111 win t〓o take a 1-0 lea◆d in the best-of-■seven series.P●lease scan ■t

ns04-14-〓2016 10:

he QR Code t○o follow us on Inst●agramPlease scan the■ QR Code to follo〓w us on WechatN●HL to play first-ev○er preseason game〓s in ChinaNH〓L to play fi○rst-ever prese■ason games in China◆NHL to play first●-ever preseason ●games in China03-■31-2017 07:2〓6 BJTThe NHL ?/p>

01 One Fourth

鯽nnounced here on◆ Thursday th●at the Los ●Angeles Kings 〓and Vancouver Canuc●ks will pl●ay two preseas○on games in China ■in Septembe●r as part of the● 2017 NHL China● Games, the fi〓rst-ever prese●ason games to be he●ld in the coun◆try.The first gam●e

02 One Fourth

will be pl■ayed on Septe●mber 21 at the ●Mercedes-B■enz Arena in Shangh●ai, and the second o〓n September 23 at ●the Huaxi LIVE W〓ukesong Le Spo●rts Center in Beiji○ng, where NHL Comm〓issioner Gary Bet●tman made the his●toric announceme■nt."This is an his●

03 One Fourth

toric mome○nt for the● National Hockey Le●ague," NHL Commissio◆ner Bettman sa●id. "I am hon●ored to announce t●he 2017 NH〓L China Games,◆ presented by O.R.〓G. Packaging.■""We look f●orward to our fir●st games in C●hina and t●o a variety○ of initiatives t

04 One Fourth

ha〓t will inspi■re generations〓 of Chinese pl■ayers and fans to en●joy our sport.■ We recognize the i○mportance of ○helping Chin●a build a strong nat●ional hockey pr〓ogram and are commi■tted to supp〓orting that pri●ority in ever○y way possible," ■he adde

01 One Half

d."Bringing N■HL players t◆o China for〓 two games i○n September wi●ll give both cu○rrent and po〓tential new fan○s in Shanghai and ●Beijing a chance to○ watch some of ●the best hockey◆ players in〓 the world," said ◆Mathieu Schneide●r, NHL Pla■yers' Associ

02 One Half

ation ■Special Assist●ant to the Execut〓ive Director.The m■atchups in S■eptember will be the● first NHL preseason〓 games cond●ucted in C〓hina, but not the f■irst trip for eit■her the Canucks or■ Kings, who◆ have each held y〓outh hockey camps i◆n China in

01 One Third

rec〓ent years.■ In addition, sever●al NHL clubs hav○e conducted hocke◆y camps for ●Chinese youth in● recent yea〓rs both in C◆hina and North Am◆erica.China〓 is aiming ○to expand its partic■ipation in a◆ll winter ■sports to 30●0 million ■people before Bei

02 One Third

jin〓g 2022. The NHL● looks to work s〓ide by side with spo●rts bureaus acros◆s China in d○eveloping grassroot●s hockey programs, 〓supporting local ●youth hockey ■and hockey developme●nt at all ○levels.&nb●sp;Please scan the Q●R Code to follow us◆ on Instag

03 One Third

ramPlea■se scan the QR ●Code to follow■ us on WechatXi■njiang into CBA f〓inals followi●ng 111-103 v〓ictory over ●Liaoning in semis ●Game 5Xinjian○g into CBA fin〓als following 11■1-103 victory over ●Liaoning in s●emis Game 5Xinjia●ng into CBA final●s foll

48 BJTIt is?/h2>

owing 111-103■ victory over Lia○oning in semi●s Game 503-20-2017● 06:47 BJT●BENXI, China●, March 19 (Xinhua)〓 -- Xinjia〓ng defeated 〓Liaoning 111-103 o〓n Sunday in Gam■e 5 of the Chinese ●Basketball Associ○ation (CBA) leagu◆e semifinals, winn○ing the best-of-s■even

  • ?the final day o〓f the
  • NBA regu○lar s
  • eason. The sch●edule is
  • packed■ with 14 game
  • s,■ the first 10◆ of which a
  • re ○either in the■ fourth quar○
  • ter or just wrapping● up. But
  • most f◆ans are watchi◆ng two of
  • t○he late gam○es, whi
  • ch g◆ot underwa
  • y a〓 few minutes ago.Po
  • 〓lls on social● medi
  • a asking w〓hich contest f●ans would rat〓her
  • have a ticket○ to, if offered○ -- Kob
  • e Bryant's la〓st time suiting up, ◆or Steph

Curry and ◆the

series by 4-1.■Awaiting Xinj●iang in the fina○ls are eigh〓t-time CBA champions■ Guangdong, w●ho advanced to th●e finals also● with a 4-1 ◆record after b〓eating Shenzhen 1■03-90 on Sunday.Xin◆jiang, which had p○reviously reached th◆e CBA finals four● times, will be ●


seeking their fir●st league title● when

the fina○ls, also a best-of-s◆even series, star〓t on March 31 i●n Xinjiang.Facing〓 Liaoning S〓unday nigt in Benxi●, Xinjiang?/p>

  • Golden〓 State Warrio●rs tryi
  • ng to se●t a new record w■ith 73
  • wins -- ha〓ve been split eve●nl
  • y down the mi■ddle over the l


?rebounded from ■Friday's controver■sia

l defeat and hi■t their form qui●ckly in the game, ■opening with a 9-●0 run and leading ○as many as 12 point●s in the first ha

  • w days〓.Kobe is wrappin●g up
  • his farewe●ll campaign in ■LA a
  • s the Lak◆ers host the Utah■ Jaz
  • z. The five-t〓ime NBA champio


■lf.After the interva■l, the home team◆

tied the match ●three times before ■grabbing th◆e led for the f●irst time at● 81-80 following a t〓hree-pointer fr〓om Randolp

  • 18-time ◆All-Star is trying t
  • ●o go out with one la●st "W," bu
  • t hi〓s team's opponents ○want to
  • spoil〓 the party.Utah ca●me


h.The 〓fourth quarte○r became a show of■

Darius Adams, w〓ho scored nine of ○his 19 points ○overall to secure t■he victory for ●Xinjiang."Thanks ○to all my play●ers, t

  • ng● to claim the○ final spot
  • ■in the playoffs ●by winning th
  • is gam●e, but Hou○ston grabbed t
  • he■ bid instead,○ by defeati


his is ◆the toughest s■eason for the t○eam as well as ○in the 12-season ■career of 〓mine," said Li■aoning's head coa■ch Guo Shiqian■g, whose tea●m suffered a strin●g of injuries throug●hout the seaso●n. "We wish● Xinjiang good p◆erformance in the f◆inals."Adams had

y beat

■match-high 48 poi○nts for Xinjiang,● Zhou Qi added● 22 points and 11 r●ebounds. Lest〓er Hudson led● Liaoning w〓ith 33 poi〓nts, Zhao Ji◆wei contributed〓 16 points a◆nd 12 assis●ts.Please s○can the QR Code t〓o follow us on In◆stagramPlease sca◆n the QR Code to ○fol

〓the Mem

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low us on Wechat●Shenzhen's 3-poi■nters drown Guangdon●g in CBA semi●finals Game 3Shenzhe◆n's 3-pointer○s drown Guangdon◆g in

phis Gri

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CBA semifinal●s Game 3Shenzhe●n's 3-pointers drown〓 Guangdong ○in CBA semi●finals Game〓 303-16-2017 08〓:07 BJTSHEN○ZHEN, Ma

zzl■ies in th

alert sign

rch 1〓5 (Xinhua) -- ■A 17-of-36 pe●rformance in thr●ee-pointer shooting■ lifts Shenzhen ove○r Guangdong 109-9〓0 here on ○Wed

eir fina

nesday an■d Guangdong◆ now leads Shenzhen ●2-1 in the best◆-of-seven CBA● sem

■le.Please scan

ifinal serie●s.Shenzhen o〓nly sank in〓 18 three-poi●nters in the pr○evious two ma〓tches but their s○hooters burst out t〓onight on ho●me court. Meng 〓Duo hit match-hi◆gh six three-poin■ters while Gu 〓Quan and He Zhong○mian combined for ◆seven.But J○eremy Pargo is stil■l the her

the Q◆R Code

o of ■the Shenzhen● city. The 〓guard scor

ed match-h●igh 33 points, 1〓8 of whi

ch came in t〓he first p

er■iod. He al

so grabbed◆ e

ight rebound●s and

dished out se●v


to follow us

en assists.Gu●angdong opened the m〓atch with an○ 11-2

run and○ forced Shenzhen to● call a timeout when〓 the match started〓 for le

ss than four● minutes. Pargo the〓n stood out a●nd too

k con●trol of the match. ●He scored 18 of■ Shenzhen's 26 p○oints in the rem?/p>

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